What Our Ratings Mean

Thank you for taking the time to read this in order to understand how we score in the reviews.

There are two scores with one having more weight than the other. One score is us telling you what we think how the game should be treated and the other one is a number score. The score of us, for example, recommending it is more important to us. The reason for that is simple: A game may be mediocre but it’s still fun or it may be very flawed but should be played to relive a part of history.
Our numbers also work a bit more different than others. Instead of adapting a school-like system, we go strictly by the following rule: 50% is average, nothing more and nothing less. Being average doesn’t have to be bad and it still is fun. We have to do this to even out the over-the-top hype ratings of many modern reviewers.


These are the ratings and the numbers we give and more specifically what they mean:

Must-Play/Must-Watch: This means that we think that you must have experienced it yourself, it is that good. This is a rating we rarely give as we think that the products, that receive this rating, can be enjoyed by literally everyone.

Recommended: We recommend it to you but don’t quite think that it can be enjoyed by everyone. Though it is certainly worth checking out and most people are probably going to enjoy it for reasons we most likely mention during the review.

Take a look: It won’t be enjoyed by everyone or even the broad audience but if you give it a shot, you might find something special. We don’t think that you have to relatively immediately do it though.

For Fans: It’s for fans of the franchise or for fans of the genre in general. Even very good and even outstanding games often fall into this category (despite the number score) as we simply don’t think that someone without previous experience can enjoy this as much.

Playable/Watchable: I don’t think that I have to mention that this is not the best rating we will give.

… : The product might be so awful that we don’t even have the right rating to describe it.


What do the numbers mean?

10 – It’s almost superb, nothing is really wrong or it’s very revolutionary.

9 – It’s almost superb but lacks the revolutionary aspect or has unpleasant flaws.

8 – It’s a great game.

7 – It’s a very good game but there are things holding it back.

6 – It’s a good game with obvious flaws. Still very enjoyable.

5 – It’s average and that is fine.

4 – It’s average with bad flaws, you might want to think about this twice.

3 – The problems of the product might ruin your experience though you can still find enjoyment.

2 – Some nice ideas… probably.

1 – This is already pretty bad and we don’t think that there is any enjoyment found here.

0 – Just… what is this?