It’s THAT time of year again…

Anime fatigue is, unfortunately, a very serious issue, especially if you watch or if you have to write a lot about it. However, I think it’s always important to have at least one show that you just watch for fun, without any analytic intent. This can also be applied to video games! Why do I […]

Dragonball Super – My Statement

I’ve watched Dragonball Super ever since it started airing, 100 episodes to be exact. I don’t usually give an anime nearly as much time to get me hooked (formerly, the highest was Gintama with 50 episodes and while I enjoyed the series itself, I didn’t think the humor was funny and yes, I did understand […]

Status Update: We’ve Been Busy

We haven’t posted anything in a while, so sorry about that, but we’ve got a few changes incoming. We have updated our Website design, we have a YouTube and a Vidme channel now which will both focus primarily on videogame reviews but we are planning to expand on that soon too. This leads me to […]