About Us

Welcome to Critical Bytes!

We are two people who are sick how “reviewers” behave nowadays and the ongoing corruption spreading throughout the companies. We may have just gotten unlucky, but we doubt it. We will try to give you what they can not, honest reviews that are as objective as possible.
Keep in mind that we do not do this full-time and as we are working on other jobs, we will stay anonymous for now. We ask of your patience, as specifically games take a long time to review.
We hope that you enjoy our content and stay tuned for weekly updates.

When I’m not wasting time in adventure games I’m running through a growing backlog of steam games. Writer, nerd, analyst, and gamer. I’ve been in and out of journalism over the years and here’s is the place I’ve decided to pursue my interests. Follow me on twitter because I don’t have one.

I am M, I wasn’t working for too long in the whole journalism business but I have seen enough to know what’s wrong. You will usually find me reviewing games as that is the medium I am most experienced in.