Food Wars! Season 3 Part 2 First Half Mid-Season Review – Long Title Syndrome

It’s time for Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 Part 2 or Food Wars Season 3 Part 2 to show if it manages to keep the series interesting.

This is a spoiler-free mid-season review, so everything I write only accounts for episode 1-6.

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Central has taken over Totsuki academy. Under the lead of Erina’s father, they aim to destroy creative culinary for their own divine, gourmet food.
Or in short: Central wants to close your favourite fast food shop to forcibly push their own food down your throat.

Soma declares war on Central and thus, a struggle for the future of cooking has begun. Who will prevail? Soma and friends or Central and the Elite 10?
The stakes have been raised a bit higher, but they don’t truly come to fruition until episode 6. Episode 6 finally offers the viewer the twist that they needed to keep going, what is that twist? Obviously, I’m not saying but it’s worth the extra two minutes after the credits.

What can you expect from this second part of season 3 so far?

Erina gets more characterization and also enjoys more screen time with Soma, the rest of the cast is mostly shoved to the sidelines in favor of focusing on fewer characters instead. They do appear but don’t expect them to really do something. This part of the third season primarily deals with the battle of Soma and Central.
The fan service is present as always, thanks to explosive nudity-psi-waves. Though none of the scenes were on the same level as the very first episode of Food Wars.

One big issue with the beginning of the second part is that it’s too formulaic. You’re not going to be surprised until much later and that’s a little tiring. For a test: Write down how the first episode is structured and make it like a checklist, you’ll notice that some things are swapped around but the requirements for that checklist are always present.

My favourite new addition is the opening theme. Check out the full version when you can, you won’t regret it! It’s the song “Symbol” made by Luck Life, in case you’ve heard of them before.

So, without spoiling anything, that was “The first half of the second part of the third season of Shokugeki no Soma”. It’s still Food Wars and perhaps, it’s too much like Food Wars by now. The show barely changed over the years and if it doesn’t do anything to mix up the spice soon, then we’ll be looking at a good show that doesn’t dare to shake up its own rules. It will eventually result in boredom and monotony, if that hasn’t happened to you already that is.
At the end of this first half there is the long awaited plot twist that shakes things up, however the question that remains is: Can Food Wars make good use of that twist and give the series some of its missing excitement back or will it revert to the same old formula?


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