Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Episode 4.5 Review – Critical Bytes

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It’s been a while since I wrote an episode review but I had a ton of stuff to do. In very short, I think episode 3 and 4 both get a “Take a Look” and a “7” because the issues I addressed in the first two episodes haven’t changed here either. So why am I coming out of my grave for the sudden episode 4.5?

I would like to explain something about bloggers, reviewers etc. when the topic of weird episode numbers comes up. There are a ton of series’ that start with a convoluted episode 0 or a recap episode 0, but no moment of the classic eye-brow-raise is greater than the second that person reads a .5 episode title.

Why is that?
Episodes like these could be used for a great, creative telling of the current story from a different perspective, but instead they’re wasted away as recap episodes 99% of the time. Unfortunately, Full Metal Panic has no desire to break the norm and falls deep into the dark realm of recaps.
There is only ONE new addition to the scenes that we were already shown, and that comes in form of narration from Chidori. Other series’ have the courtesy to include at least ONE new animated scene or to improve old drawings, but it seems they really dropped the ball with this one.

You shouldn’t expect anything new from this episode, not even slightly. There is no point in watching this, at all. This recap episode isn’t just lazy, it’s the worst kind of lazy. The kind of lazy of literally nothing.
The last question that remains is: Does this one count for the overall number of episodes, meaning that they just wasted a very, very important time slot, or is this going to be an exception?

If I would rate this in comparison to other lazy recap episodes, then this still fails, as this one serves as a direct pace breaker in a story that already doesn’t allow for any room to breathe in. Instead of using the first two seasons, so that we can follow the current plot more easily, they recapped the last four episodes and that’s just utterly ridiculous… to some extent even insulting to the viewer, as there was no warning for this at the end of the previous episode.


2 (It accurately shows the events of the last 4 episodes, some music changes)

… (avoid this one like the plague)


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