Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Episode 2 Review – Critical Bytes

It’s time for action and while the action itself is great on paper, the execution wasn’t fully enjoyable.

The episode starts where we left off, global long distance communications have shut down due to solar interference and Amalgam uses that moment to launch a quick but devastating attack. Sousuke and Chidori are chased by Amalgam’s soldiers who don’t care about them being alive or dead. This means that Sousuke is back in his element, as a soldier against the odds while Chidori can only watch. Sousuke forbids her to touch a gun, reasons for that are more than plenty. Even if you’re counting on the regular reasons like personal affection or just blindly following the mission, there are still many left, like Chidori not being able to handle a gun well due to her tendency to blame herself and her hesitation to shoot can easily prove fatal in that situation. In any way, not allowing her to be of help here was a good choice.

Why do I even focus on this? Because I won’t talk any further about the story of this episode and this seemed to be a good spot to focus on, as there are many details in this and the previous episode that you will more than likely miss. This means it’s time for my Vague Chattering again!

The rest of the episode, after the chase that was teased at the end of the previous one, is much slower when we deal with Tessa and her crew. This creates a few consecutive moments of not much happening at all. The choice and placement of music was also a little off during the middle of the episode, as it feels like a different track should be playing that fits the current event better.

The biggest eye-catcher of this episode wasn’t a good one, the CG vehicles look really distinct from the drawing. In this episodes, drawn animations never stop clashing and biting with the CG vehicles, that have unnatural movements and lack real impact. Two cars ramming into each other reminded me uncomfortably of Beyblade. It’s by far not the worst case of distracting CG and I need to congratulate the fact, that the CG actually has fluent movement. That is the only good thing about it to be honest.

I would further emphasize on that issue but I’ll undoubtedly do that in future episodes, as there is no logical way for the animation studio to fix the CG at this point. Let’s just accept it for what it is and make fun of it. The beginning of the chase is especially amusing, considering that none of the enemies try to aim for windows or wheels.

We also see the opening and the ending for the first time. Long story short: The opening is something you’ve heard dozens of times before. The ending theme has a unique start but it’s not a song I would listen to multiple times.

In addition to that, by the way my memory is very foggy about this, but am I wrong when I say that so far, the soundtrack of previous seasons has been reused without anything new?

Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory is in a weird spot right now. The first episode was great and in hindsight, I would have given it a higher number rating. Seeing that the one thing I was most concerned about, the CG being bad, which turned out to be justified, becoming true was unsettling.

This was a good, enjoyable Full Metal Panic episode, it just wasn’t great and the obvious flaws are, unfortunately, slammed right into your face with a sledgehammer.


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2 thoughts on “Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Episode 2 Review – Critical Bytes

  1. The CG was pretty bad, but that was about my only issue with the episode. I love how the characters are shown throughout the crisis and I particularly liked watching Tessa this episode. She doesn’t often get to show us what she’s made of but she is in charge for a reason. Really enjoyed the episode. But yeah, bad CG, particularly when the cars were side by side bumping into each other.

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    1. I loved Tessa here too, especially when she is interacting with her crew. The series has taken a pretty gritty turn so far, I’m curious about who will still be alive at the end of the season. After all, can’t have such a drastic change in tone without changing the cast itself in some way or form, which we’re already seeing clearly with Tessa and especially Sousuke.

      My main issues in this episode were the music (reused, sometimes the use of it isn’t good) and the visuals whenever there’s CG (the drawings look photoshopped in, the models move distractingly unnatural, the lighting doesn’t seem right and the backgrounds become cheap and repetitive).
      It would have been awesome if the cars would have started spinning and had spirits with special abilities in them. I think that would have made the CG better. 😀


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