High School DxD HERO Episode 1 Review – FOR REAL NOW

So I was horribly wrong and my criticism about the last episode is literally invalid, as it is in fact an episode 0 and not episode 1. I’ll fully accept the shame of making that mistake and I apologize for that. So, this time, let’s really head into episode 1 of this show.

Presidental Boob Bomb

The story picks up in Issei’s bed, surrounded by women who slowly suffocate him. Rias decided that she has enough of this and so the President jumps on Issei, killing him in the process.
Okay maybe that last part wasn’t true, guess he must have boosted through the night.

A school trip to Kyoto is coming up, but not before heading to Rias’ family. Here is also where we have our first battle of the new season but I won’t say against whom. What I am going to say is that the battle was awesome. It was raw and direct, each punch had weight to it and the choreography was also entertaining to watch. You get a clear idea of how Issei and his opponent fight with enough breathing room to create tension. It beats watching a barely moving clunky dragon that shoots basic lasers. The only thing I would love to remember is the current political situation, because I don’t remember any development from season 3.
“We interrupt the battle for an urgent broadcast, there haven’t been any jiggy melons for 2 minutes!”

And that’s what we get. I hope this wasn’t just a case of “blowing one’s load all at once” but rather a teaser for what we can expect. The episode ends with Issei boarding the train to Kyoto.
I enjoyed this episode much more because I finally got what I came here for, some unusually entertaining action sequences paired with an interesting world. I could do without the fan service but I wasn’t as annoyed with it here. This was a regular High School DxD episode and that’s why I started watching to begin with. I can forgive the annoyances of skinny water balloons flying from hell up to space as long as the story and action can compensate. For this episode, they did.

Unfortunately that doesn’t help to overshadow how stale the jokes and the fan service itself has gotten. The series was never really creative in how to handle its harem situations but that aspect, despite my personal dislike against cliché sexual fan service, is actually impacting the show negatively because it has never changed. The sexual tension situations all end the same way as they did the last 20 times and it has never gotten better.

Ear/Eye-Gasm B00B-Factor (X is a variable of boob)

Other than that, the soundtrack of previous seasons was reused and neither the opening or the ending really did it for me. The best word that I can find to describe these songs is “forgettable”. Oh boy, it’s a harem opening song like you’ve already heard a dozen times by now.

Visually the episode looks good but not great. The action is awesome, as I mentioned, but when there are multiple characters on screen, then actual movement becomes stale. The fan service scenes look alright but it’s been the same “joke X with character Y, ending in being interrupted by Z”. That also goes for the sexual scenarios themselves.

Speaking of which, that guy is supposed to be in a harem paradise? I think it’s more of a harem purgatory, eternally having horny, attractive women around you that approach you for sexual intercourse but you’re never being allowed to go further than a kiss by your boss, who you have a crush on and who sleeps naked with you all night long. Though to be fair, you have a crush on all the girls around you, so have fun, dear High School Student!

Anyway, did I enjoy this episode? Yes I did. My biggest issue with this anime is the fan service but this is a popcorn series anyway. The first episode was normal High School DxD business and I can live with that. Though the sexual content could use a few new tricks up its sleeve, rewriting the same joke with different characters only works for some time, doing it for 4 seasons is just a waste of your viewer’s time though.


For Fans


(Episode 0 is still very bad)

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