First Impression: My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 1

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 1 has aired. It’s a recap episode, you won’t miss anything significant but it’s an entertaining watch nonetheless.

Let’s just say: There’s a pool and it’s used for humoreous training. If you skip the episode, then you won’t miss out on anything at all, so take it with a grain of salt.

I enjoyed this episode but I have issues with the new soundtrack. The new theme from UVERworld just sounds… bad to me compared to their previous themes and that is really underwhelming. Why are there so many music drops like some modern pop song? Why is there an overabundance of auto-tune? It feels like UVERworld tried to modernize their unique approach to music and made it generic in the process.

The rest of the soundtrack seemed alright to me, there wasn’t anything special so far.

We need to talk about that ending theme though. If this is the song that plays after every episode, including dramatic moments, then oh my Soul King, welcome to the good old “Happy People” days of awfulness. Of course, it’s not quite THAT bad, but this is just another bland ending song that will always be out of place for about 12 episodes.

So yes, so far, the new season has left me with mostly excitement and some worries. I’m sure the writing, action and the visuals will be great this season, the soundtrack is what I’m worried about.

This isn’t a review per se, which is why there is no audio recording and no rating. After all, if not for the soundtrack this episode, then I wouldn’t have written this in the first place.


2 thoughts on “First Impression: My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 1

    1. Which is really unfortunate, considering that UVERworld has done some amazing theme songs and this one is just plain bad in comparison (in my opinion anyway). For the ending theme, this is the first thing that sprung to my mind:


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