It’s THAT time of year again…

Anime fatigue is, unfortunately, a very serious issue, especially if you watch or if you have to write a lot about it. However, I think it’s always important to have at least one show that you just watch for fun, without any analytic intent. This can also be applied to video games!
Why do I mention this? Well, Spring season 2018 comes up and this is the stuff I’ll take a look at:

Food Wars Season 3 Part 2 (One mid-point review, one season review) – April 9th

High School DxD Hero (episode reviews) – April 10th

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Happy Kiss! (?) – April 9th

My Hero Academia Season 3 (this is just pure fun for me) – April 7th

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory (episode reviews) – April 13th


Now, why did I choose these series’ and what is my experience with them so far?

Food Wars is kinda obvious, I’ve reviewed the other seasons.

High School DxD is a series I didn’t really want to come back. I was pretty disappointed in the third season and it’s weird that I say this, but I watched this due to the story potential this anime had. If I get the feeling that season 4 is going to waste my time or just outright doesn’t really care, then I might not finish watching that series. I haven’t touched anything related to the franchise ever since the third season so not only will I be out of the loop, but I also don’t want to watch any of the previous episodes to catch up again. I hope it’s something good this time, I’m going to quit if the animation quality of this show drops down to hell in the final episodes again.

Singing High School Boys that have to beat evil with the power of love is a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s just a fun ride, even if the first season really tested my patience with its “villain-of-the-week” pandering.
If you felt the same: Don’t worry, it gets better. I was particularly amused by the final battle of the second season, I’m all over that. I hope that changing the protagonists won’t take away from the joy I previously had with this series. I don’t know what to do with it yet though. It might be too “samey” for the first few episodes and too over-the-top for the later episodes, so each episodic review might be all over the place, similar to my reviews about Dragonball Super.

My Hero Academia has been a series for me that I watch purely for fun. I loved the first and the second season, I don’t have any doubt that the third season will be a great ride too. If that’s not the case, then expect a review about the third season once it finished airing.

I’ve been waiting so, very, long for this. I haven’t caught up with past events and I will wait for the first episode of Invisible Victory before I decide to catch up or not. I have high hopes for this. I want to see how the story continues, the worst case scenario is that they try to adapt like 6 Light Novels into 12 episodes. Just like D.Gray-Man, I would rather wait for more seasons instead of having to see a rushed, convoluted conclusion.

With that, I have my schedule worked out for the next few months on this Website. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to review episodes on the same day or the day after they aired, so there might be delays. Be assured, that these reviews will come out eventually, some might require more time though.

The entrance bait is a topic that many other writers already dealt with in detail, but I might throw my own hat into that arena, whenever that will be.

Just, please, Fullmetal Panic be good…


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