Dragonball Super Episode 131

The final episode of Dragonball Super “The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!!“ is here. Miraculous is not the word that comes to mind however.

Spoilers for the final episode, obviously:

Now that Freeza and 17 are still alive, they battle against Jiren for a while. After Jiren is tired of them, he releases his aura to push back. For some reason, it seems that Gohan must have been asleep because he’s the only one saying that Jiren is exerting a large amount of energy. Yes, Gohan, no kidding. Have you been missing the past 30 seconds or any previous battle to this? Toei, why did you have to drag Gohan into this with one of the most unneeded lines ever said in Super?

Do you like Freeza’s scream yet?

After Jiren is finally pushed into a corner, Freeza pulls the “I suddenly need minutes to charge one beam” card, which is countered by Jiren’s “Friendship” trap card, but Goku activates his counter-spell “plot armor”. How does a severely injured Goku have enough energy left to even out the power difference of Final Form and Golden Freeza, as well as back up 17? I don’t know, it’s not like Super cares anyway.
Oh no, it seems that Goku activates another spell card, this time, it’s the “Power of Teamwork”!
Wait a second right then and there. Goku caused this tournament out of a selfish desire and refused to work alongside or often even help his comrades for the entire tournament. Who was it, who rushed to battle within the first second of the tournament? If anyone should be preaching about teamwork, then it should be either Gohan or Piccolo but not Goku of all people! Since when is Goku a team player?
This is so shallow, so shoe-horned… I feel kind of insulted by it.

Anyway, no time for thinking! Goku and Freeza take the lead while 17 lends support fire. I’ll be honest, the battle that follows is something that I greatly enjoyed from a pure visual perspective. The episode as a whole looks great but I think this part is the best time you have in this episode.
Jiren deduces, that it’s trust that makes Universe 7 so strong. Yeah no, stop right there. Freeza just told you that Goku is nothing but an insurance to him, Goku fights you for a challenge in an attempt to grow stronger and 17 wants his boat and by Zeno he’s going to get it. None of these characters came to trusting each other within the time span of 40 minutes, yet Super’s final episode delivers a different message. Did the writers suddenly forget about that Hakai Energy before the tournament? Goku said it wouldn’t bother him but keep in mind WHO Freeza is and what he did so far. There is no way in hell that Goku would ever really trust Freeza, so why are you making the suggestion that he does?

So apparently, Final Form Freeza and Base Form/Super Saiyan Goku, if they work together, have an aura that rivals Jiren’s, judging of how it’s capable of easily destroying the hardest material in existence.

Everyone except for 17 is out.

Goku tells Jiren that he wants to fight him again and that he believes that both of them got stronger during this battle. Okay, Jiren hasn’t grown stronger, he dealt with his social capabilities but he hasn’t gained more power, unlike Goku. Then suddenly there are Super Dragon Balls out of nowhere. It feels like there’s a scene missing here, they literally come out of nowhere, also their size has been reduced again. The tournament ends and the one who stands tall is Android 17. What will he wish for?

It’s the last chance of Super to leave an impression. So Android 17 stands up and wishes for all the universes to be restored.

I… I… I can’t believe it, but there’s more.

In addition to that, Whis says that Zeno has foreseen this event and he would have erased every single universe, if the wish for surviving the Tournament of Power would be anything other than “bring all the other universes back”. OKAY WHAT?!?
So if the final wish would have been “Erase all deities” then this entire plan would have backfired tremendously, wouldn’t it? Everyone had a very good reason for desiring the death of Zeno in particular. Would you have just erased him before the dragon had a chance to fulfill his wish?

If there was only one possible wish you could make, then there are multiple issues attached to that for crying out loud. It doesn’t solve the issue of there being too many universes, so nothing stops Zeno from doing another tournament and this will create an endless loop, why? As we know, Zeno hates being bored and this psychotic Teletubby was entertained throughout the tournament. So chances are high that he will do it again, until someone either makes a wish that doesn’t fit well with Zeno (so literally every wish other than “make everything the status quo”) or until someone wishes for his death. It’s an endless loop that will result in universal genocide, no matter the outcome.
But hey hey hey, even Zeno’s death wouldn’t have done anything as Whis is suddenly revealed to be capable of reviving dead people. What? Where the hell did that come from?

Whis revives Freeza. I’m calling this bad and lazy writing.

Toppo becomes Jiren’s friend. No one seems to care that Toppo has made his decision to embrace the power of the gods and instead, he returns to the Pride Troopers. That character arc is a waste of time too then, just like the ENTIRETY OF YOUR SERIES.

Supreme Kai also delivers one final line of idiocy, although it appeared a little earlier, I wanted to save it for this moment.
“I didn’t expect him to make that wish!” Supreme Kai, you are probably the only one not expecting that. I HOPED for something else but Super’s writing is fan fiction anyway so who cares, I don’t after this episode. It’s not like they eliminated their only chance to make Dragonball Super a series worth watching. I mean literally, just like the credits suggest, we are back to square one. There are two things that happened with consequences between the end of Super and “Resurrection of F”. Though, in hindsight, the Tournament of Power would have deserved that title instead of the movie. These two things are the birth of Bulla (which has already been established in Z) and the resurrection of Freeza.

The episode ends on a seemingly happy end, but you better not expect Super not to throw more nonsense at you. It’s only still images but oh my.
Within an hour, Goten and Trunks have been roughed up by humans that just happened to go to the island within this short time frame, especially after the last big wave was destroyed. Or maybe another alien appeared, too bad we didn’t see any of that. Let’s just say that Goten and Trunks have trouble fighting against humans now, what a downgrade.
Tien returns to Chiaotzu and Urin. Or in other words: Badly-Written-Out-of-Character returns to so-useless-that-he-only-appeared-for-not-even-a-minute-in-Super and Piss.
Roshi goes back to Corrin and Yajirobe. So, Kame house is gone… I guess? Where is the pig and the turtle?
Vegeta can’t catch Baby-Base-Form Pan flying at him, he gives Goku the fault and the two have a sparring match in Super Saiyan Blue. Remember, when Super Saiyan Blue wasn’t just Super Saiyan in blue? Or at least it wanted to be more than that? Wasn’t it dangerous for the entire planet if Vegeta and Goku would fight, even if it’s just for practice?

This was the end of Dragonball Super. I enjoyed the visuals of the episode, nothing else. I look forward to the movie coming in December but I think this is one of Dragonball’s worst series’ ever made, arguably worse than GT.
It has good moments, but do you know what also only has a few good moments? The Star Wars prequels/sequels. Just like those sequels, Dragonball Super’s only purpose as of right now was marketing and cash-grabbing, and as a series, it’s a failed attempt at misguided fan service.

Are you interested in Super? Look for the good moments and skip everything else, it doesn’t respect your time and it’s not worth it either.
Am I salty? Am I overreacting? This series wasted 131 episodes of your lifetime with a few highlights, usually followed by your disappointment. Dragonball Super will go down as a series with barely any story, extreme pacing issues and terrible inconsistencies in every aspect imaginable. Nostalgia can be good, but it can be just as disastrous too.

3 (series and episode, sorry, I really think the writing here is among the worst of Super)



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