Dragonball Super Episode 129

If you expect this episode to be the start of the actual final battle then you are about as right as in the previous episodes.

Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!” When I read that title today, I became worried about that one word “Super”. Turns out I was right, by the end of this episode it was said by characters 11 times. Get it? Because Universe 11? Wait, it’s not funny? Ok then.

Also I won’t be covering the story up to the episode’s title. Why?


Goku only reaches Ultra Instinct by the very end of the episode. I would have to spoil the entire episode for you but honestly, there isn’t even a whole lot happening in the story. Most of this episode is literally time padding in form of mostly bad audience commentary. Thank you Android 18, everybody could see that Goku was hit hard. Now that I think about it, even Krillin and Roshi can see the action happening, weren’t Jiren and Goku supposed to move too fast for them to see or sense? No time for logic, this is Super.

Don’t get me wrong: There is action. The episode is pretty much time padding for the most part. Then we spend a few seconds in action and immediately cut away to more annoying commentary. Is this the audience commentary episode?

The second half fares a little better with some great action sequences. Though as soon as we cut away from the fight, we get more commentary. See what I’m getting at? There is so much commentary in this episode for only one reason: The writers needed Goku to transform by the end of the episode and they were told to cut down on costs on the way, at least that’s what I think. There’s no logical reason to delay an episode like THIS, an episode with about 10-14 minutes of audience commentary. Not all of it is bad, as I mentioned, but most of it is unnecessary. Toei, your audience still has a brain to figure your scenes out. You don’t need to point out every single significant hit, like seriously. Even children understand the concept of “hit hard – big pain”, in this episode, you effectively treated your viewers worse than ever before because, whether or not that was intentional doesn’t matter, you treat them like retarded people. Beerus was my hero this episode for simply telling everyone else, including angels and gods, to sit down and shut up. Thank you, more of that please!

Other than that, the music placement was really good, the visuals were also good but not great. Sometimes the frame shots seem clumsy and unfitting as a whole. Once the first pacebreaker happens in the second half, it cuts back to more commentary. The action also starts to reuse more animations, including from previous episodes like 110 and even the opening. I hope Toei used the time for the next few episodes because this episode wasn’t remotely up to expectations.

There really isn’t a whole lot to talk about. Again, nothing is really happening until the end. The reveal of the “new” form has been too similar to the previous 4 times Goku went 50% Bargain Ultra Instinct. This episode was average, bad if we consider that we waited for two weeks. Yes it has good action at times, but why would action even matter with some of the worst commentary to go along with it? The preview for the next episode literally states that the actual final battle begins next time. Too bad Toei has been saying that for the past few episodes too.


For Fans



All Battle sequences of episode 129. Those unmarked are new, actual animations from what I could tell or scenes where I didn’t feel the need to comment on them.

First half:
5:29-5:53 (Very little actual animation)
6:01-6:07 (Repeated animation, nothing new)
6:12-6:36 (Several seconds of bad frame shots, repeated animation)
6:54-7:16 (Same animation sequence repeated twice, which have repeating animations)
7:16-7:21 (Separated because we get new animations)
7:28-7:52 (Repeated animation from previous episodes, little actual animation)
8:06-8:33 (Mostly still images and flashbacks)
8:38-8:39 (No, not kidding)
10:50-11:02 (mostly commentary)
11:10-11:13 (commentary)
11:45-12:01 (no action)

187 seconds of the fight – 3 minutes and 7 seconds of mostly repeated animations and still images

Second half:
12:12-12:58 (First half new animations, second half repeated animations)
13:19-13:35 (Same animation sequence is reused with one detail changing in the last 5s)
14:06-14:42 (First half original, second half reused animations including the OPENING)
14:59-15:27 (Still images for the most part)
16:28-16:32 (Only still images)
16:36-36:38 (Still image)
16:41-16:51 (At least arms are moving)
17:08-17:13 (Still images)
17:17-17:21 (Isn’t constant commentary great?)
17:25-18:04 (Mostly still images, again)
18:07-18:18 (I’m repeating myself)
18:23-18:50 (Till 18:40 commentary, the rest is Goku breathing energy)
18:53-19:17 (Jiren talking and powering up)
19:29-19:49 (Same Jiren pose, the rest is energy)
19:53-20:11 (at the end 4-5 seconds of nothing)

350 seconds of the fight – More than 60% time padding of the 5 minutes and 50 seconds

3 thoughts on “Dragonball Super Episode 129

  1. Gotta agree on this, there is lots and lots of obvious time wasting, just to shift the action to the next episode. Considering the fact the ending of super is “super” rushed, the decision to now strech the rushed content is beyond me. Nonetheless, the episode was watchable and the end even enjoyable 😉
    And yeah, Krillin, Roshi etc able to follow the fight between UI and buffed Jiren? That one was on point, agree with that as well ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Let’s just hope Toei doesn’t decide to blueball us by having Frieza getting the final wish and ending it on a cliffhanger until the next movie comes out later this year.
      Frieza be like “Golden Dragon-sama, give me the power of Zeno!”


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