Welcome to more Critical Bytes

We released a review video about Gothic 2!

Several review videos, new lists for navigation and all of it is on the main page or in this post. Take a look around.

Game Reviews

Anime Reviews

Episode Reviews

Other Articles

All voiced files on Soundgasm

Video Reviews

On the website, I will continue to release weekly Dragonball Super content until its runtime finished. On YouTube and BitChute, we have a focus on videogames because all of the anime content tends to be dead on arrival due to copyright strikes on YouTube.

We release videos each week. A new video review releases every 4th week. The other videos are usually about playing a new game or just having fun with Jim, Jake, Drew, Rayne etc.

Also keep in mind that every article has voiced recordings to go along with them, so if you don’t have the time/motivation to read, then you can just take these recordings with you. They’re in a simple MP3 format on soundgasm.

With that in mind, I wish you a good time while browsing through over 50 articles and 25 videos on Critical Bytes.

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