Dragonball Super Episode 128

Dragonball Super episode 128, I wonder what it’s like after I was disappointed in 127.

Having a title like “Noble Pride to the End! Vegeta Falls!!“ kind of takes away everything I could say about it. However, only the first half of the episode is dedicated to that title and it is here where you can see the focus of this week again.
Vegeta is FINALLY out of stamina, not even being able to transform into a Super Saiyan. I think it’s one episode too late for that but I guess Android 17 taking out a God of Destruction would have been too much. Anyway, it’s a nice touch and they use the ending of 126 in a good fashion.
The title of this episode holds no surprises, it’s solidifying Vegeta’s current personality after the Tournament of Power, probably to make clear who Vegeta is by the end of this arc. I’m simply happy that they didn’t plot-armor Vegeta into complete ridiculousness, thinking it would be a better way for him to go out.

The second half of the episode is something else though. It’s not bad, it really isn’t, but you can see that they got lazier again. The only real issue I had with the first half was that the name “Vegeta” has been yelled out way too many times, three or four times only from Goku before the 11th minute. The first thought I had with the second half was “Goku, why didn’t you use Instant Transmission to save Vegeta?”, unfortunately a question that arose a number of times during Super.
Anyway, we get our first taste of the apparently final battle between Jiren and Goku, again. I know I should be excited but we’ve seen Goku vs Jiren so many times at this point and they haven’t done a whole lot to freshen things up. If this sounds like a lot will happen in the second part then don’t worry, only one significant event happens… an event you could see coming ever since episode 109&110. Other than that, we have everything else here: Competent characters being time-dragging bystanders, stock footage of Jiren hitting someone (again), characters repeating the same lines in response to the SAME events… The only thing that is missing is someone being spammed by energy balls, maybe some bad looking scenes in-between.
Is it bad? No, but it’s too noticeable in comparison to the first half. So yes, you could theoretically skip the second half, tune in next episode and not miss a single important thing at all.

So was this episode a good watch? Indeed it was, though the relevance of the second half in the grand scheme is questionable. Am I saying it should be removed? No, but you won’t miss out on anything significant that won’t be shown in the preview next episode.
I really liked this episode to be honest and while the writing could be much, much better, at the moment it’s alright. We’ve seen the writers getting overambitious in Super before, so I’m fine with Super just being “alright” if it’s at least consistent.


Recommended (for those that watch DBS)


So, for the last 4 episodes, what do I hope for?, what are my fears?
I fear that the writers are going to pull another plot-twist out of nowhere that feels unpleasantly out-of-context.
On the other hand, I hope that there’s going to be more than just Goku vs Jiren for the next two or three episodes because let’s be honest here: We’ve seen Goku vs Jiren so many times already. Those are the two characters that are interesting, but at the same time the least interesting to watch.
Goku’s personality has been inconsistent in Super and his screen-time has been dominating every other character, which didn’t help a lot since Goku, as I said, hasn’t been behaving like himself, or rather he doesn’t behave like he used to, no matter which language. Jiren feels like the new person you met and you thought he was really interesting and mysterious at the beginning but then everything turned out to be hot air. At least they were able to force more fan service into Super with Jiren, if that’s what you like anyway.
What do I want for the ending? Just one thing: Super, don’t try to be special. Give us an ending that finishes Dragonball Super and leaves some tease for what the movie later this year is going to be about. Don’t try to throw idiocy at the viewer and expect them to just eat it up, you did that in almost every arc and it never worked, stop doing it. I don’t care whether or not Super is a kid’s show and frankly, it often seems like you don’t either, looking at Frieza’s squished head right now.

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