Dragonball Super Episode 126

It’s almost 4am, Dragonball Super Episode 126 just came along and this was a ride with mostly highs and some lows.
Same rules as before, spoilers up until the episode’s title kicks in, not a review for newcomers. Also the voice recording is less energetic because it’s almost 4am.
One more warning: Episode 126 waits quite a while before the “title moment” happens, so I will at least try to keep it somewhat vague. I’m talking late into the episode here so please beware.

The first thing you want to do is to skip the first 4 minutes and 13 seconds, then we can look at the episode. We start where we left off, Android 17’s beam struggle against Toppo’s hakai energy. As expected, the Android doesn’t even barely match the power of a God of Destruction. This forces him to think quick and test the playing field with different tactics as Toppo already shows signs of arrogance in his fighting style.
Unfortunately for our favourite ranger, he soon has to realize that he may need more than a good strategy to defeat an opponent like this, as Toppo uses the ultimate weapon of repeating the same energy blast scene for 10 seconds. Right before the decisive moment, a familiar blast catches the attention of the angry deity. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that this soon but I appreciate it, as we get to see a good, short 2 vs 1 duel.

Wait, it’s Goku, Vegeta and Jiren time again. However, as a nice change of pace this battle also affects the fight against Toppo, as Jiren misses his energy ball and hits the Android instead. Jiren and Toppo team up as they expect a strange stiff looking Vegeta jumping at them from behind. Toppo quickly beats him out of it as he was about to recover from his hiccup and our new duels are on. Vegeta vs Toppo, Goku vs Jiren.
But what is this? Toppo uses his energy blast scene again, it looks a little different at times though, mostly thanks to Vegeta. We get back to our beloved crowd and holy how, did Toei read my review? The Supreme Kai was incompetent instead of Krillin! Oh my dear Supreme Kai, you don’t need to stop Toppo’s movements if he’s literally standing in one place doing nothing but shooting energy balls. Thank you for your input, now please sit down and keep quiet for the rest of the episode please.

The battle continues and Vegeta also goes for a beam struggle against hakai energy. Why do you try though? It seems like a huge waste of energy to needlessly waste Final Flashes in your very new form in these last few minutes. Especially after Resurrection of F he should know better. We continue with some mostly Toppo-sided fighting followed by Vegeta-sided fighting. It all looks really good though but the one who wrote this probably had a big energy blast smile on his face.
My long awaited moment now finally kicks in, I can stop talking about the story, at 16 minutes and 12 seconds. As I said, beware, especially about the following over one minute flashback.

The rest of the episode is absolutely awesome though. Yes there isn’t any new music but the animation sticks to good quality all the way through. If you watched the rest then there is quite a lot of hype for the next episode. Dragonball Super just do us a favor and don’t screw up your final chance to be called “a good arc”.


Recommended (For People that watch DBS)


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