Dragonball Super Episode 125

Yes, I’m watching it again and I’m going to do episodic reviews, culminating in a series’ review with the last episode. Ever since my statement, DBS has always been a come & go thing for me so keep that in mind. I am aware of all the events in the series and I only skipped  6 episodes during the Tournament of Power because I don’t need to see another no-name universe with more no-name characters being blinked out of existence (supposedly?) after 20 minutes of barely anything actually happening.
Also: There will be spoilers of the previous episodes and of the current episode up until some point (until the episode’s title kicks in). The rating will apply to those who have watched it up until this point, it will not apply to newcomers because I would die trying to explain everything.

So, we start the newest episode “With Imposing Presence! God of Destruction Toppo Descends!” with more Goku & Vegeta vs Jiren and all that happens is that Jiren can block a quick Final Flash with his eyes. Is it a spoiler? No, it’s Jiren. This battle is clearly not in focus and you shouldn’t expect that when going into this.

So we directly move to the meat of things with Android 17 vs Toppo. Android 17 is trying to go for a time-out and while Toppo knows this, he can’t do much about it thanks to the Android’s infinite energy. Toppo goes in for his final “Justice” attack with him gaining the upper hand. However, Toppo’s justice might not help him against Frieza, who uses the opportunity to torment him while he has to deal with Android 17. Here is where the episode’s title comes in and we get to see Frieza going up against an actual God of Destruction. It’s a good battle that shows the weaknesses of both characters and this might be pretty important, as Vegeta takes a swing at Toppo next episode.

This is a good episode but Krillin starts to become really annoying now because his thing has been the same pretty much every episode: Being the useless bystander who is constantly corrected by other people, despite him having a whole life of combat experience, so why is it Krillin of all people? Why not use the Supreme Kai? He’s been useless ever since he saved Gohan from Buu in DBZ so why not use him? You clearly don’t know what else to do with him other than turning him into a laughing stock and he has been filling out that role prior to Krillin’s elimination.

Dragonball Super has had a problem with unreasonable character buffs and character degradations ever since it started but even if characters are not fighting in the Tournament of Power, the show still gives each character a role that apparently needs to be filled out but, and this has been a thing for years, you can make good tournaments without forcing seemingly competent characters into bad acts.

We also get new music and it’s good, I mean, it’s there to support the gravity of the situation when fighting a God of Destruction so anything beneath good would have been distracting.

Dragonball Super’s art style has been weirdly clean from the start so don’t expect anything else here. The episode itself doesn’t have real hiccups that I noticed aside from one of Android 17’s scenes, in which his eyes, or rather the form of his eyes, look a little strange.

With all that’s said and done, this is one of the better Dragonball Super episodes but it kind of feels like a build-up for the finale. We have less than 10 episodes until the Tournament of Power arc is completed, let’s look forward to hopefully the best episodes that Dragonball Super has to offer. The episodes that determine whether or not watching this whole series is actually worth it or not.


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