Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars) Season 3 Part 1

The newest Food Wars sequel has aired and I’m not sure what to expect in the future.

The story picks up where we left off but this time, the Elite Ten under the rule of an infamous Nakiri family member stir up Totsuki and pursue an unsettling goal.
Of course, it’s the third season (part one) so I can’t go into much more detail. All I can say is that I was a bit disappointed in the first three episodes but episode four might be one of my favorites yet. The third season as a whole was less exciting than the previous seasons, simply because all of it feels like it wants to set up a much bigger arc.
I can dig that, though if they screw up the second half of the season, then half of the first part will suffer tremendously from it. It all depends on how the second part can use what was established.
Other than that, this is Food Wars. The final few episodes however feature some of the highly criticized over-the-top foodgasms that haven’t appeared for a while now. I still don’t mind them but it’s starting to get annoying because it’s literally the same joke several times in one episode on many occasions.

But that is just partially the reason, why I am worried.

The animation quality has dropped. It was at its worst in the first three episodes in my opinion but it never catches up to the quality of the first two seasons. It still looks good for the most part but the difference is noticeable. I hope that the animation at least stays solid because if this show wants to look ugly, it could really look unpleasantly ugly.

Soundtrack wise, the opening is good, the ending didn’t catch my interest and new songs were added, while old songs are also reused. Nothing new to mention here and nothing has really changed.

I know these sequel reviews seem a little lazy but there just isn’t a lot to talk about as the series simply wants to be a sequel of what we’ve already got, so it also tries to hit many of the same notes. Did you enjoy Food Wars previously? Then watch up to episode 5 if you thought, that the first three episodes were underwhelming. Did you not enjoy Food Wars previously? Then avoid it. It’s still Food Wars, nothing has changed about that.





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