Fall Season 2017 & Winter Season 2018 anime, reviews, and update

Winter 2018 is looking to be a mixed bag of titles. Some looking good while others look downright generic. Some scary, some silly. But that’s not what you’re looking for is this announcement. You’re wondering “S, what are you looking forward to this coming winter season?” Not much really. The second seasons of Overlord and Nantsu no Taizai already had my attention from the end of the first seasons. Ignoring those two for a moment, I’m also interested in the Itou Junji: Collection. I am looking forward to the Inifini-T Force movie coming out this winter season, if only because I’m a little familiar with three of the franchises featured in the film. As for what I’ll be reviewing? I decided to take a shot at checking out Killing Bites, and Mahoutsukai no Yome. I might add in a few other titles from the season, but it depends on how much time another project will be consuming.



Well guys, looks like it’s winter season again. I’ll make it brief: I’m afraid I don’t have too much time to review many titles as I have a lot on my plate right now. Speaking of plate, expect a review of Food Wars Season 3 and a review of both previous seasons. The review about the previous seasons will be released in the coming week.
Just like S, I have a few titles I want to take a look at. I will write reviews about one more anime that air this winter season. My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch! These reviews will be released once they finished airing and when I got a chance to watch them in one go.
In addition to that, I’m working on new videos, both S and me are preparing a new feature for the website but don’t expect that until December if everything works out as intended. However, maybe someone already noticed, my presence on the written website will be rather irregular. Remember: We’re not doing this full-time and we still have busy lives outside of Critical Bytes.

Tune in this and every second Wednesday for new videos.  That’s all from my side.


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