Quanzhi Gaoshou

Quanzhi Gaoshou. When I first heard of it, I passed it off as another animation centered around video games. But I got bored one evening and it was there. I was surprised, and enjoyed myself while watching the series in it’s entirety. I’ve seen some people compare this to Sword Art Online but I can’t agree with those assessments. Comparing this to SAO would be comparing apples to mayonnaise, 2 years of mayonnaise to be specific. QG is a Chinese production based on a light novel, but it’s good regardless. It’s not a ten but I am not the only person that seems to enjoy it.

The plot follows a main character(Yie Xu/Lord Grim) who, after ten years of making quite the reputation for himself in a competitive MMO, has been forced into retirement. Things pick up from there, following him inside and outside of the game. Getting a job and a place to sleep, coming back to the game. Not playing professionally, but intending to carve a name for himself and his eventual return. It’s not some edgy revenge story, but rather seems to have more focus on the journey, the players he meets along the way. It is short on some of the cliché trappings of most other anime that has become commonplace, partly because the characters are older, 20’s to mid 20’s. I can see a younger crowd giving this series negative marks because not enough QT Grills, love triangles, or edgy insert god characters. The main character is good at the game not only because he spent ten years in the game, and didn’t just magically git gud. Yie actually knows a lot about the game he plays and puts it to use. In short, he isn’t a Gary Stu. There are some short lived one dimensional characters, but the recurring cast have some depth to them. And what’s more they are believable.

As for the audio value, it didn’t sound like there was budget for the Chinese equivalent of Kanno or Sawano, but the audio direction was on point. I could believe the feeling of the Chinese voice cast, the soundtrack had a few generic songs but with the direction given it was less of an issue. And the intro and ending songs are catchy. I felt the hype. Even with the few things, I noticed in the series audio production the episode directors really knocked this one out of the park. They made the best of what they had and made it pop. Honestly I like it without the heavy handed ham fistings of a composer like Sawano for this. Don’t get me wrong, Sawano does great work, but a 12 episode pilot season doesn’t need a high budge score across four albums or more.

Visuals and Animation were for the good and bad at places. I can see some fans of this series ready to draw the knives but hear me out. The use of CG was jarring at points however short we see of the bad examples. But we still see those bad examples. However the good examples were so good I almost didn’t even notice them until a second or third viewing. So yes there is CG that is almost unnoticed but then the half a second sequences that are obviously put there because of time and budget constraints didn’t reinforce the good stuff. However, I can’t full deduct points for the bad cg because, it wasn’t used for more than a second at a time and we weren’t being bombarded with it every episode. If anything, the fact that they put the animation where it was needed for the story, and that the story was more important than trying to force feed the audience Avatar levels of CG counts for something. That isn’t to say the animation was perfect either. There were a few moments when the drawings were a bit off, and there were animation sequences in later episodes that were reused. And I can chalk that up to deadlines and budgets. But that aside it does cut points off. Likewise I can say overall the animation was good, it didn’t hurt to watch and it didn’t drive me Berserk. And character design? I mentioned there wasn’t the heavy fan service that’s been commonplace. The female characters are not boobs out in your face with the mere peeking of panty shots. The exception is their in-game avatars are a bit fan servicey, but I can’t take points off because that’s realistic. That’s how female character designs in MMO’s are, so we have believable and realistic character design. I have to give points to the staff for this.

I found myself enjoying this series overall more than I thought I would. I was ready to give it a three or a four and say it was most likely for fans. But I can’t I have to give this at least a seven or an eight. I liked it, I find myself having the urge to recommend it to friends. Quanzhi Gaoshou is not only good, but fun. It feels good watch this. That is called enjoyment. I don’t get that feeling often enough anymore much less throughout a series. And you know from other reviews what bad could look like. Just wait until I touch Gundam Victory. The music was good, the animation was good, the writing was good and for a matured audience. When I heard someone say something I could believe the voice actor believed it. I felt the hype. I’m giving this a final review score of 8 as a must watch because this series, despite the few flaws it had. Staff and directors that made it pop easily more often than it fizzled. To avoid repeating myself anymore, go watch Quanzhi Gaoshou already, you’ll be glad you did.


Must Watch



Voice Files: M S

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