Status Update: We’ve Been Busy

We haven’t posted anything in a while, so sorry about that, but we’ve got a few changes incoming.
We have updated our Website design, we have a YouTube and a Vidme channel now which will both focus primarily on videogame reviews but we are planning to expand on that soon too. This leads me to the changes that matter to this site:
We won’t post regularily anymore. We will try but our time schedule has become too bloated to keep up a weekly upload rate. When it comes to the videos: We will, as of now, only release one full video review per month, though this and the next month are exceptions. We will post two different videos on each channel on Wednesday, 2 weeks after that we upload the other video on the other channel and after that, we will upload one video per month on each channel.

So, what changes? Nothing really. But we are still here.


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