Edge is an indie game that was originally a mobile game. I just bought it because it didn’t cost a lot but were the two bucks worth it?

There is no story.

48 normal levels, 44 extended levels and 17 bonus levels are in this game. You are playing a cube that can move in four directions. In order to finish a level, you have to reach the flashing square. You can move one block up if you have the space to do so, you can cling onto blocks so you move with them and you can move onto square buttons on the floor to activate certain events, like blocks trying to push you off the ledge. There are also times when you can become a very tiny block, which makes it possible for you to climb walls and move in tiny spaces. While working your way through the levels, you can also collect flashing little cubes that you can gather for… the score. Dying in this game has no consequence, you basically respawn right where you died.
I just covered the entire gameplay experience of this game. Is it good? For the most part it’s enough, but the controls feel occasionally unresponsive, the camera is also at times working against you by creating a confusing field of depth and there are some minor bugs with fast moving platforms.

The camera is my biggest issue but in order to explain my point, you have to understand that the camera is always angled, meaning that if you press up, your block will move, from your perspective, up-right. Pressing down will make the block move down-left, pressing right will make it move right-down and pressing left will make it move left-up. This takes time to get used to but the real problem is that the camera sometimes doesn’t let you see where to go.
The game also has a map, so that you can always see where to go. This was the easy solution though since the game should have had a controllable camera like in Bomberman 64.
The controls have a problem,  if you keep holding one direction, the cube will turn quickly but that might cause you to fall off because the cube still moves forward when you don’t want it to. If you hold the direction shortly, the block will turn very slowly. This makes the chase-sections, in which you have to move quickly, a nuisance since you want to move but the game doesn’t let you the way you want to.

Then there are the mentioned event-buttons which kill you instantly without warning. Needless to say, it just adds to the more tedious aspects of the game.
That being said, the game is still nice if you need to play something for a few minutes and it works just fine that way, but I would be surprised if you were able to play this game for hours. It will probably bore you before you can play even one hour because of the sheer simplicity, not only in terms of gameplay but also when it comes to the graphics.

Let’s talk about the music first though, the music is good. The beats are catchy and I think the best way to enjoy this soundtrack is not within the game but listening to it separately.
There are only very few sound effects in the game so you shouldn’t expect a lot here.

Now we’re going to pick on the graphics. Your cube is flashing, little cubes are flashing, special platforms are flashing and your goal is flashing, this is basically the only kind of colour variation you have. Outside of that, you have gray blocks over and over again with, depending on the block, different layers of gray and the background is always simple and not very interesting. This game was not made to entertain you for long periods of time, especially not visually.

What is this game doing good for it’s genre?
It’s a nice distraction if you want to kill some time with something simple that doesn’t punish you for anything and offers quite some content for the price. The music is good.

What could have been improved?
The controls need improvements, the graphics look boring, some level designs are interesting (hanging onto a block while it is moving across a wide pit) while others (insta-kill buttons) are nonsense, minor glitches, no camera control, death should be punished outside of lowering my score, there is not even the slightest trace of a story, collecting the little cubes is not really worth the effort and the fact that there are only very few sound effects is also not very appealing.

This game is something you can play if you want to kill a few minutes, it’s made for that and it can do that well. I had a bit of fun with it. However, I don’t care about my oh-so-important-score and death is not punished, I usually watched a movie or a series while playing this game and when I did actually pay attention to the game then I was bored way too quickly. It’s a mobile game and a it’s a mediocre but entertaining mobile game.
Porting this game to consoles and the PC was a mistake as this port suffers from control issues and it’s missing fundamental features to even compete with others in its genre.

For Fans

5 (on mobile devices)

3 (on PC and consoles)


Test based on: Wii U edition

Voice File: M S

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