Ao no Exorcist Season 2

Before we start this: I have to make clear where season 2 picks up. The best way to go about this is probably to watch the first season episode 1-16, then read manga chapter 15 and to always keep in mind that events played out a little differently, like the Earth King surviving and not attacking the Vatican like in the awful anime-only content of the first season. With that said, season 2 will show you the rest you’ve missed, but the information of chapter 15 is crucial. Now, let’s start this rather short review.

The second season picks up right after chapter 15 (a little after episode 16). As I like to keep my reviews spoiler free or extremely vague I can’t go into more detail here, otherwise I am forced to spoil the climax of the first season.

So is there actually a point to this review? Yes, because it’s also the easiest rating I’ve ever given yet. The story has the same pacing, the same feel and the same style of action compared to season 1. And when we compare it to season 1 then I could basically copy&paste the entire review as this show simply feels like a fluent continuation to the first season (again, without the anime-only content). That extends to everything else as well, so if you just started out with Blue Exorcist then this will feel like a direct follow up.

The entire original soundtrack of the first season is reused but the series got some new songs as well, though the “epic battle theme” of the first season is a bit overused here. At least we got one more “epic battle theme” though it’s not quite as memorable. The opening is once more performed by Uverworld but the opening animation, when compared to the first season, feels way too underwhelming and looks more like “Irregular at Magic High School” rather than “Blue Exorcist”.

When it comes to the art of the anime then it’s the same as the first season, which looked fantastic and it still does. The most impressive achievement here was, in my opinion, recreating the exact same drawing and art style after 6 years. This deserves a lot of credit because that’s not as easy as it sounds.

To make it very short: Blue Exorcist season 2 looks, feels and sounds the same as the first season. Did you like Blue Exorcist? Then watch this. Did you not like Blue Exorcist? Then don’t watch it. If you’re new then watch the first season first. I liked it, as I already enjoyed the previous season. I hope that I won’t have to wait another 6 years for a new season. However if we get another season, then can we get more songs and better pacing?


Take a look


Voice File: M S

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