Classroom Crisis

Classroom Crisis is an anime I decided to watch because I mistook the title for Assassination Classroom, which I still didn’t watch yet. Anyway, I got through this anime so let’s see what this is all about.

It’s the future. The Kirishina Corporation is at the top of technological development. Among these researchers is the A-Tec department, a class of genius engineers who basically attend genius-technical-high-school under the leadership of the teacher Kaito. Their goal is to develop the best rocket engines. However, A-Tec is a huge moneywaster and doesn’t even come close to be worth the expenses, partially because Kaito, while smart, isn’t a good leader at all. So the president of that Kirishina area sends his, by him, emotionally and physically scarred brother Nagisa with the sole purpose of either getting A-Tec back on the ground or destroying it from the inside, though Nagisa does have agendas of his own.

Okay I’ll make it quick. Anyone else getting really tired of obligatory, filler beach episodes here? And yes, it’s the uncreative and uninteresting kind of beach episode that doesn’t do anything new or even attempts to do it. The story does unfold to have quite some effective drama but what was that ending? We could have had a rather conclusive semi-cliffhanger ending that would have left people satisfied while maybe expecting a second season at some point but… just…
Was it really necessary, just during the final episode out of nowhere, to suddenly give us a love triangle dilemma AFTER the main couple already confessed? But as we know, confessions don’t mean anything if there’s a third girl now, can’t get together now when there are new girls to choose from, AM I RIGHT? No, seriously, one of the strong aspects of this show is actual character development and the strong writing, this love triangle at the end just throws three of the main cast into the trashcan of anime cliches and the ending is basically just another “now the battle begins… in the manga!” ending that I am getting so sick off.

However, just trash talking this series wouldn’t be fair as there are many strong aspects. It’s always a joy to see Kaito and Nagisa interacting as it represents the conflict between artists and managers. Seeing the main couple slowly growing together is also very engaging and Nagisa is a very strong protagonist in his own right. The plot unfolds with very interesting twists and introduces many new antagonists, all with reasons of their own and it’s drama where the anime shines. However, the anime fails at comedy and tries to force that in. I admit, sometimes you see glances of the comedy maybe working but it’s rare, very rare, especially during the first half of the season. In addition to that, while most of the drama is executed well thanks to the setting and the characters, sometimes it’s just uncomfortable to watch because you kind of see it coming from a mile away and it turns out exactly as you thought it would.

I realize that I am not very objective on this matter but I am so confused as to why this anime had to throw an “okay” ending out the window for some goddamn cliches. I wouldn’t mind if they were good cliches (of which there are some too, which were welcome) but the ones that matter the most are the bad ones, like the love triangle out of literally nowhere.

Visually speaking I have to admit that the anime does look appealing but the CGI will age badly. When the scenes are only drawn however, then it looks pretty good and I didn’t notice any hiccups from afar either (like the infamous dot-dot-line art of distant character drawing). So credit for that, though again, the CGI does look good for now, the question is for how long.

When it comes to the soundtrack or any song here however then this is as bland as you can get. Nothing to remember, nothing to look up, annoying “beautiful youth woohay” opening theme that’s just like any other of its kind and while the music is mostly fitting, it’s just there without doing much.

So, can I recommend Classroom Crisis? No, I can’t. This anime is a textbook example of how just a few bad cliches can ruin the entire taste of what came before. If you are interested in unique and interesting settings then give this a go. If you want to be rewarded for witnessing the protagonist’s growth then don’t. This anime has very good character writing and very good pacing but makes many mistakes along the way, despite some real emotional highlights. Even good visuals can’t make something better if the, though very talented, writer doesn’t have the courage to push through.


For Fans


Voice File: M S

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