Kokoro Connect

I don’t even know how I found Kokoro Connect but hey, I watched it. I want to get one thing out of the way first: The opening and ending songs are so damn uncreative and cliche that you shouldn’t even watch them once, probably because you already did in a dozen different anime.

The story begins very, very slow at first by introducing the five protagonists. Then a god-like entity comes along that wants to be entertained and starts screwing with them, starting by them randomly switching bodies. That obviously means a lot of drama but I think drama and comedy go hand-in-hand here, as both get an equal amount of screen time without feeling very out of place. Of course, there are the typical emotional speech scenes that you’ve also seen x-many times before but they are actually well done, as each story arc brings a lot of character development, something I enjoyed a lot as you can actually see the protagonists growing together. The five protagonists are basically cut-outs from the “how to make anime 101” book, so we have the responsible, selfless guy, the quirky guy that is in love (and constantly openly admits it) with the shy-towards-boys-but-for-a-reason (a good reason though) girl, the quirky energized girl (on the outside) and the responsible “I don’t trust anybody” girl. As cliche as that may sound, all of them become characters that you can relate to and all of them have reasons for who they are. I am also happy to report that NO PARENT DIED IN A CAR ACCIDENT so we have that unpleasant “character development tool” out of the way. Based on a pure story perspective, I enjoyed it a lot as the characters actually try to find a solution to the problem and aren’t just idiotic “we do stupid things ’cause we’re high school kids” characters. It just takes a bit too much time to finally get going but if you think the premise is interesting, bite the bullet and get to episode 3 or 4 if you didn’t like the characters at first. Just a small hint: There will be an arc in which the “inner desires” of our group are unleashed whenever one wants to do something and yes, it’s a very good arc.

The anime itself does look only mediocre with some better and some worse parts, this naturally means that you shouldn’t have an issue watching it, just don’t expect everything to constantly move.

Musically speaking it’s the same typical drama-piano stuff that we’ve heard a million times before, nothing outstanding and the openings and endings are so painfully bland that I only watched each once for the sake of this review. The music isn’t too distracting however and it’s nowhere near the worst I’ve heard, just a little more variety would have been nice.

So, should you watch Kokoro Connect? If you enjoy relatable drama, if you enjoy comedy with drama and romance mixed in it and if you enjoy relatable characters doing relatable things according to the current, unusual situation, then yes.

If you’re looking for something with high energy action or something like that, then avoid this for now. The first episode is a bit hard to go through but if you like all the things I mentioned above, then you should find something that you’ll enjoy, I certainly did. Oh and before I forget: There is an actual ending that finishes the plot while leaving just enough room for a possible sequel, but it’s the good kind of leaving enough room for a possible sequel.

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