Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 is an anime I had absolutely no interest in whatsoever. What changed? The opening song, it’s so damn good. It’s the only reason I watched Mob Psycho 100.

The story resolves around Mob and his huge psychic powers. He works for his master, who can’t see spirits or has any powers, and exorcises spirits with him. Whenever the emotions in Mob cook up and reach 100%, he looses control over his emotions and his powers go wild, often resulting in him suffering from the consequences as he often hurts people and destroys his surroundings.
The plot also later includes Mob’s younger brother, a street thug psychic who wants Mob to go beyond his limit, the people around Mob who witness his power and finally the criminal esper organization Claw, which wants to achieve world domination due to their superior power. Mob’s younger brother and the street thug become protagonists of their own and eventually get lots of screen time.
This probably doesn’t sound this exciting, especially since Mob is basically a blank piece of paper and his master is a jerkish fraud in episode one but make no mistake, it gets better, much better. While not all characters get deep characterization, the characters you want to know more of usually get them.
I really enjoyed the story, but I almost made the mistake of just calling it off after the first episode which I think was probably the worst in the entire first season, followed by the second and third worst episodes in the 12-episode run. There is something for everyone here and I didn’t really notice any plot holes along the way, so that’s a big plus as well.

Musically the anime is good but I hate to admit that I can’t remember any tracks besides the opening. It’s a good soundtrack that fits the atmosphere but it’s just forgettable as I get the feeling that I’ve heard similar soundtracks all the time.

When it comes to the art design however, this anime is very unique. It has a very unique drawing style that doesn’t look very appealing at first but damn, the intense battle scenes, especially near the end, are so pretty to look at. If I would have to summarize it in a weird way, then I would describe it as a weird unique ugliness for most things and the things that are supposed to be impressive or beautiful are actually drawn really well. However, this unique style allows the anime to always move and not have too many still images that would usually bore the viewer to death. It also has a very good pace, it’s wasting time when it should be wasting time, it’s intense and fast when it has the best effect and the jokes appear when it’s time to lighten up the mood or question the logic of something. Speaking of jokes, I rarely ever laugh while watching anime and even comedy anime rarely gets more than a chuckle out of me (with the occasional exception of course) and while I had a constant poker face during most of the series, the final few episodes had some hilarious moments.

To answer the question: Should you watch Mob Psycho 100? Yes, you definitely should but be aware that just like many other 12-episode series, this ends on a cliffhanger too and I hope we will see a sequel. The art design and the weak humor at the beginning can make you turn the show off but trust me, if you make it to episode four and five you will want to continue watching.




Voice File: M S

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