Amagi Brilliant Park Review

Well… Amagi Brilliant Park is… it’s a comedy for sure with some fantasy in it… it’s not exactly a harem but there are certain elements of it and… I honestly have no idea how to categorize Amagi Brilliant Park outside of saying that it’s a comedy with a little bit of many other things.

The plot begins with something I could never see coming when watching an anime with the premise of someone becoming the manager of a fantasy theme park with real fantasy beings. I won’t spoil it but it gives a pretty good tone for what’s to come. The park will be closed and all the fantasy beings in the park will die or have to find new jobs if they can’t get 250000 visitors in three months. The gratitude of visitors powers some sort of crystal that feeds the fantasy creatures. The park is in a pathetic state and everything is broken or half-assed, so this is an almost impossible task. Obviously, the protagonist eventually agrees on becoming the new manager and even gains the power to read minds once per person.

Our protagonist, Kanie Seiya, is a narcissist and so full of himself that it reaches a level of hilariousness. Other characters that get a lot of characterization include Sento, who is a bit cliche and seems really bland compared to Seiya but actually creates a pretty entertaining chemistry with him. The other characters are so by-the-book though that I couldn’t remember their names. Wait no, there is Latifa but she is so unimaginative in terms of creating a character that I will simply call her the girl who is only there to be a damsel in distress. We have other characters like a bunch of mascots who are pretty violent but each has a unique quirk, four somewhat fan service girls and more characters that don’t really influence anything in the upcoming story. So the point it gets down to is how the character relationships and story progression works, and all I can say to that is that it’s fine but not for the reason you might think.

I can’t help but feel that Amagi Brilliant Park is a parody of anime cliches and a comedy, while also being able to makes you cheer for Seiya and Sento as these are basically the only two interesting characters up until like episode 8 and actually makes you vote against Seiya and Latifa for the simple reason that Latifa is a blank piece of cliche paper. But to get a feeling of what I mean: The Amagi Park needs more staff, so Seiya basically hires everyone who applies despite being broke. After debuting a new pirate show, suddenly an underground gate to the “Maple Land” bursts open with water and a giant pirate ship emerges from the depths. Leading the pirate crew is Ironbeard. This is where I think the parody starts. Please count the amount of times the following scene could easily turn into a hentai or an ecchi.

All women are captured and forced to serve the pirates by bringing them cold drinks but when things get too boring, Ironbeard wants more entertainment. He orders the Amagi-comrade turned rogue, who is also a huge pervert, to throw his two best friends and Sento into a pool of wet tentacle plants. All the while the guests and human co-workers think that it’s just an event, with the former AV actress translating all the gibberish from the pirates and mascots. Just before Sento was to be thrown into the pool, Seiya manages to gather the rest of the park’s staff and engages the pirates in combat. Stuff happens, Ironbeard and his crew surrender and Seiya forces them to work for him while Sento can decide on what to do for revenge on the pervert now-comrade again.

The beauty of all this is: There is basically only one kind of fanservice in these scenes that you don’t expect and the girls never suddenly loose their bras or anything. It’s like the anime animates your mind to expect and think of the fan service but never delivers, it’s the perfect tease and I love it.

So I already think that it does work as a subtle parody but does it work as a comedy? For the most part yes, even though some jokes are overused. The drama takes a bit too much time and the ending leaves you wondering: So, where to go from here?

Alright with that out of the way, what about everything else?
It looks average with some better and some worse scenes here and there. Overall it works and it’s fun to look at. The music is nothing to really mention but the opening is pretty cheerful, so it’s fitting to an anime about a theme park.

Things that I’m missing is actual chemistry between any characters that are not Seiya and Sento. Also it’s weird how I still want Seiya to have more screen time and I think we could just entirely skip everything that has to do with Latifa after episode one. The music can get annoying if you decide to pay attention to it and I still can’t figure out how Kanie doesn’t even remotely see the possibility of using the powers from the fantasy creatures to lure in visitors but it’s possible that he’s so arrogant that he doesn’t want to use it. I also think that most of the mascots appearing in the anime aren’t really that suited to be toys but perhaps that was intentional.

In the end, it’s an enjoyable anime that sounds like a typical harem comedy from the premise but turns out to be a very entertaining ride. If you know your way around anime and know the cliches that come with it, then you might find something refreshing. There are flaws, quite a few of them but you should give it a try nonetheless.


Take a look


Voice File: MS

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